Core fragancia is a perfumery founded by Jasmin Hanna-María.

19° Collection - Somewhere chosen very first pieces LAUNCHING 2023

Special perfumes with a meaning close to the heart.

The fragrances are created from their meaning over their scent to their surface design - captured through the lens of my camera, in Europe, a beautiful city.

Our perfumes are not considered female or male, the scent of each perfume creation are described down to the smallest detail, so that the fragance lingering on your skin is the one for you.

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19° Collection - Somewhere chosen

"I select one of the glass bottles sitting a top the surface,

spritzing the perfume on my wrists, [dabbing] it behind my hears,

the scent I save for special occasions"

Keep your perfume in your bedroom, close to your heart - so that its scent won´t change through the hands of life.

(temperature fluctuations and humidity)

All my love

Core has a special meaning in the architecture I am building, which doors two beautiful women, whose names are placed in mine, would have painted rose golden, so it means the world to me that you take a beautiful part in turning the key in the lock and may it radiates to you, through its scent, feeling and meaning.

Jasmin Hanna María

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Also if you stand for something that is not captured enough in Core, I'd be honered to hear the passion blazing through your words, if respectfully formed and therefore with class. The whole world would be a softer one, the human kind receiving the love letter called critique as a beautiful and hopeful one.