JasminHannaMaría Travel Organisation | Activities

Make sure to register at vivenciamundiallaunch@outlook.com, so that you will be contacted when the first locations will be announced and you don't have to wait for a space to become available.
Specific explanation, going places you have a connection to, a story behind, as a relaxing detour on the way to the beach, strolling around the city like a local.
You´re the main character in your own story.

Will be a Travel Organisation, with a whole new concept.

One that takes your hand and leads you to places that feel like all the warmth you are longing for.

With her, Jasmin Hanna-María, cultural upbringing and the desire to stay somewhere, she would feel safe and seen,

the inspiration for J VIVENCIA MUNDIAL was created, one that would fill the gap.

"I find very important the aspect of being a family business that supports customers but respects their freedom."

"I am developing a new concept of travel, especially for the ones between twenty and thirty, European - American and worldwide."

She collaborates with the ones she includes in her concept which means she knows the places better than anyone.

it´s our mission to create comfort and meaning.

  • Which areas of the city correspond to your comfort environment?
  • Who can you contact (turn to) if you need something?
  • Which supermarkets and restaurants are nearby and what do they offer?
  • What is the most pleasant way to get from your arrival point to the place you are staying in?
  • How do the rooms of the accommodation feel, not just what do the pictures look like from a certain perspective?

  • We inform about the programs and our organization in general
  • Coordinate the trip to your preference
  • Check in with you, to make you feel safe and secure
  • The cinematic feeling created pieces - documents, that make you feel for these places
  • Strolling through the streets like a local, with given all information for places and activities you can register spontaneously, while still being offered structure with planned ones for which nothing more needs to be done
  • Locations and described down to the smallest detail