Core Conversation

A conversation led by the heart, a heart that cares.

"I read to her and she remembers" A Core initiative inspired by the motion picture production The Notebook

If we don´t embrace the truth about all that, who´s going to?

We are one nation,

Our generation is meaningful and, more importantly, we are the ones already creating change. We are involved with the culture from all over the world without oftentimes noticing its power - one that never existed before. Change always began with the people, these conversations are there to enrich us with knowledge, because we have a say in the world, and want to do some good with it (as one nation) - we speak to you.

Yes you, the one who sees the world differently, feel like you are the one your bloodline has been waiting for. A different past, future, and present awaits you each and every day, Core embraces that and wants to know, why aren´t we the key?

What Core cares deeply about

Education must be educational, with the heart at its Core

Imparting knowledge that is necessary, with the necessary respect

Jasmin Hanna-María

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Revise and change the school system worldwide: educate for life

Core, Child and Young Adult Education

Education, based on the universal child development but addresses each child individually. That is learned, with support and knowledge, to navigate the present. Knowledge like reading, writing, and arithmetic is adapted to each individual so that it is to the benefit of themselves.

Jasmin Hanna María

Changes the narrative, gives a truthful wider view, inspires, helps to navigate, and encourages to explore and fulfill the world.

The way we learn is as important as what we learn in the first place.

We find ourselves in a reality where the educational system is doing us justice.

We find ourselves in a constantly changing world, the educational system needs to align with its development

You have to think, 5 years - in 5 years all the things have been learned that make up our reality, 5 years. How the houses are built in which we live, surgery and lives are saved, films are written and made.

In 10 years when we (the young adults from today) have our children or earlier, 5 years later they will start their schooling. We have to look ahead because what we can create is a closure and create something new for the children in 5 to 15 years, that benefits them through and through.

And for the children who are already in the school system, alternative courses, the possibility of dropping courses (artistic branch - no math), regulations on how to teach and speak to the children (to protect their emotional health), smaller changes that give them more hope than we had. Students, speak your mind, your voice is heard. Parents - adults, we understand, set your voice free when you can.

We need knowledge that brings us further and offers the best opportunity to unfold and develop. For the brightest present and future ahead.

I refuse to settle for less.

Jasmin Hanna María

When it comes to pre-school, Core warmly welcomes the Montessori Method.