Dance Studio Core

A virtual dance school that is meant to move you, created in Europe, with dancers and freelance dance teachers from all over the world.

  • courses in all dance genres for everyone who wants to navigate their passion with the knowledge that is from importance
  • including a course on analyzing the captivating choreographies and dances we are inspired by (its storytelling and movement)
  • as well as a course on "learn the dance" where you will be taught the choreography from the motion picture productions
  • There will be freestyle choreography created from a wide variety of elements put together by all dance teachers.
  • A dance evening with all the dance films and soundtracks

A Studio of freelance dance teachers from all over the world, for dancers from all over the world

we find ourselves in a place that feels like all the behind-the-scenes dance rehearsals we watched all over again, and all the dance movies we danced along to

Something new, something with Core, something true.

Flashdance meets Grease meets 50s classics like West Side Story and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers meets the Kenny Ortegano Productions, the Dirty Dancing movies, the early 00s with Footloose

A place where dance is defined by our hearts once again

The dance should accompany the music and not the music the dance. There shouldn't be a set choreography over which the music is played. The music only comes alive when the movement underscores and amplifies it. So that our visual image together with what we hear reaches a certain point that what we see touches us, it touches us because it makes us feel something, a certain feeling or story. This can be seen in the instrumental beginning and, in the vocalizing, right after. During the first line of the song, "I used to cry myself to sleep at night", which is sung very slowly and gives the lyrics a length to them, a figure is shown that moves with the length by using a swaying movement. It is then interrupted with a sweeping turn, and an elegant light landing from Lisa after the lift, with Patrick reflecting the movement it creates a depth, but you can see in those movements and the ones that come after them until the chorus´ first line "He fills me up, he gives me love" that their dancing feels quieter, because all though their choreography a lines with the music, it isn't driven by it, especially the lifts - that create a dynamic to a dance, do not have its beginning at a certain tone pitch, the execution isn't occupied by it nor is its termination. Because it is such a music-oriented dance, the part of the dance was given a transmission that was intended and achieves that. 1:17 • On Patrick and Lisa Swayze’s danced choreography to “All The Man That I Need by Whitney Houston” at the World Music Awards 1994 , written by Jasmin Hanna-María

DanceStudio Core logo illustration by Aya (ig: @aya_sketch13), lettering by JasminHannaMaría