Jasmin Hanna-María Writing

I ran down the street and felt alive, looked in the mirror feeling a warm redness kissing my cheeks and lingering on my lips, a warmth from a sense I missed so deeply, that’s how I would want to hold on to the word hopefulness forever by writing this love letter, the summer of lost letters. JasminHannaMaría



I love how my love for words transforms in songwriting through structure and knowledge into another art form. Likely to screenwriting, writing a novel, or radio drama. I feel a deep passion for them all. So here are a few songs I wish I had written. Marjorie,

Jasmin Hanna-María Creative Concepts

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In conversation with creative minds, I feel the most fulfilled. I bring an idea further and seek a depth deeper than the surface. Be it for events, or every other place ideas and their development is from importance. The technical implementation and organization of a project is the mainstay, but without an idea, this process will not have a laid thread nor a starting point.